Shimizu Sushi offers
  • Happy birthday at Shimizu Sushi with Free Birthday dessert and great music on your birthday.
  • Stamp Card for $10 off, "Double Stamps on Tuesday Dinner".
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Business Hours

We open all day on Sat & Sun

Lunch: Mon-Fri : 11:30am ~ 2:30pm
Sat & Sun : 12:00pm ~ 5:00pm
Dinner: Sun-Thur: 5:00pm ~ 9:30pm
Fri & Sat : 5:00 ~ 10:00pm

4290 Piedmont Ave.
oakland, CA 94611
Flaming Dragon Roll
Deep fried shrimp, crab, spicy tuna
with salmon, tuna yellowtail,
tobiko on Fire.
Salmon Ceviche Roll
salmon marinated with lime
& avo, cilantro, jalopeno